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Family Resources

We want to bring families who are experiencing childhood cancer together -- to allow them to share their stories, find strength in each other, and to feel less alone. We invite you to join us, and become more involved in our mission. Come to one of our events, share your story, and meet other families who are going through the same experience. Learn more about how to get involved below!

Parents and caregivers -- Please reach out to your social worker about receiving our services and care. Our families never have to submit an application to receive services! For more information on our programs, click here. Thank you.



Providing stability, shelter, and support for families seeking cancer care in the Texas Medical Center.

Bringing back the joys of childhood to children touched by cancer through an urban camp experience at the Four Seasons Hotel Houston.

Our mission is to ensure that no child or family is left behind or forgotten throughout their journey with pediatric cancer. We will inspire acts of kindness towards others and create a community of support and understanding that nurtures hope, healing and resilience.

Primary fundraising events: Annual Holiday Luncheon and Annual Golf and Pickleball Tournament in honor of Virginia Gandy.

The mission of Sky High is to bring communities together to provide comfort, fund research and save lives of those fighting pediatric cancer and other life-threatening conditions.

A nonprofit dedicated to enriching the lives of children and young adults.

Provide financial assistance to families fighting Childhood Cancer.

Hosting multiple fundraising events every year to fund Childhood Cancer research and provide financial and emotional support to families caring for a child with cancer.

Providing emotional, educational, and practical support to families of children with cancer.

Providing physical, emotional, and financial support for patients and families in the Bone Marrow Transplant Unit (BMTU) of Texas Children’s Hospital (TCH).

Honoring and remembering Rhea, who battled Ewing Sarcoma cancer for 21 months. Supporting multiple local Pediatric Cancer organizations.

Providing scholarships for college-bound Pediatric Cancer patients and Childhood Cancer survivors while raising awareness and funding for continued research to cure Childhood Cancer.

Bringing brighter days and better treatments to children with cancer.

Supporting parking and transportation for cancer patients.

Bringing joy and support to children fighting life-threatening illnesses.

Providing services, funding research, and offering educational resources.

A nonprofit dedicated to improving the quality of life for children diagnosed with cancer in the San Antonio area.

Providing a home away from home for families whose children are seriously ill and being treated at a hospital inside the Texas Medical Center.

Providing positive group activities and emotional support for young cancer patients. Offering a variety of programs and events, free of charge, for kids receiving cancer treatments in hospitals across North America.

Bringing moments of joy to pediatric hospital patients and their families.

"B.I.G. Love was there with anything I could think of to make hospital stays easier."

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