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BIG Day of BIG Giving

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On October 3rd 2023, BIG Day of BIG Giving History was made! Together, we raised a grand total of $98,339!!!

Your donations, registrations, and sponsorships will make an immense difference in the lives of kids with cancer. We can't thank you enough for believing in our mission and trusting in BIG Love. From the bottom of our hearts, THANK YOU!


Thank you to the Vincent Salario Fund for being our 2023 BIG Day of BIG Giving matching donor.

Vincent Salario passed at the age of 17 after a long battle with cancer. He loved being outdoors and had a passion for hunting, fishing, football, and soccer. Vincent was an avid Tigers fan and aspired to be a future LSU student.


Thank you Salario Family for your continued commitment to helping our cancer families.





Santa Dash Teams



Santa Dash Runners


$98,339 total raised!

BIG Day of BIG Giving Donors

Mary Stockwell • Beteran • Katherine Krupp • Chloe Boden • Holly Dunn • Julie Mathew • Justin Amoah • Anna Landry • Ulysses Cardenas • Natosha Green • Monty Green • The Dirty South • Made You Blush • Gabriella Cone • Suzelle Martin • Jose Torres • Angela Ganze • Jade Rickett • London Worrell • Christine Frank • Scott Hadley • Greg Conaway • Cynthia Thai • T.J. La • Leslie Monsivais • Abigail O’Neal •Banahan Martinez Weatherford PLLC • The Lovetts • Melinda Lackey • Alyssa Wyble • Jessi Wong • Rob Smith • Angela Aguilar-Barry • Pratibha Sachdev • Marcia Truskett • Auto Master Systems, INC • Paula Durrett • Ginny Wiley • Chaney Phillips • Natalie Decker • Lucas Scott • Valerie Long • Holly O’Neal • Jason and Shiny Samuel • Jenn McCain • Rusty McCain • Brenda Underbrink • John Bailey • Luke Thomas • Chad & Alena Phillips • Amy Joseph • Ruby Philipose • J Jacob • Whitney Pratt • Sharon Holt • Kristy, Dwane & Marly Willoughby • Gabriela Vaquerano • Indiana Wagstaff • Alayna Jackson • Kujak Family • The Mani Family • Tori Lemons • The John Family • Dennis Cummins • Nelson Varghese • Abey Jacob • Paula Bencini • Pheba Philip • Sherilyn Steele • San Jacinto Intermediate School • K-T Galvanizing Co., Inc. • Sky High for Kids • Richey Family • Ruth Kuruvilla • Bob & Mary Beth Runkle • Donna Bruney • Ginger Mock • Murray Briggs • Melendez Family • Jason Volz • Melissa Elizondo • The Varghese Family • Thommicattle Mathai • Dr. Sherry Durrett • Reni Raju • Fulshear Church of Christ • Jessica Phillips • Jeanne Lintner • James Wommack • Susan Tennyson • Chris Logan • Rocio Gonzalez • The Petersen Family • Frank Luu • Alex Nguyen • Karen Shugart • Gabriela Munoz • FirePro Tech LLC • Mendy Gregory • Barbara Perkins • Cindy Mayes In Memory of Aubree Raelynn Goodwin • Reagan Rucker • The Moss Family • Christine Mooey • Kathy Vickers • Natalie Salazar • Brant Couch • Jill Warren • Whitney Newton • Team Craig • Chris Burke • Jane Mettil • Violet Lemons • Dr Russell M Gana • Richard Vogel • Shiny Thomas • John Mathew • Tana Nelson • Courtney Christian • Kellie Runkle • Trish Garant • Justin Runkle • Katie Smith Kevin Thomas The Garcia Family Hillary AmosJoe Ruffini for Team Craig • Maria Aguilar In memory of Craig Durrett • Cookies for a Cause by Susan Linda WisthuffShawn Wyble Al Garza’s Premier Martial Arts The Fruges Eins Joseph Judy Foster Timothy Penney Cindi Perez Harry Chandler Barbara Pratt Alex Thomas In Memory of Joel & Seth Falls City ISD Three Rivers ISD Tori Lemons Amanda Drews Mary I. Murray Betsy Abraham Nancy & Rey RomanTeam Craig Drake Wren Durrett Motor Company Felix Ybarra Ashley N Leonel Rubio Ashley Nery Cynthia Tribble Tina Ninan Riya Mathews Linda Nguyen Durrett Motor Company John Yarnold Denise Grosch Boby Jacob Eduardo Roman Gladys Segura Rhonda Hill Hynum Shine George Matt Moring Tammy Gracey Kenneth Farmer

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