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Wisdom from a teen patient

A teen boy, an athletic runner, was recently diagnosed with cancer. On his BIG Love wish list last month, this is what he asked for.

"Maybe this is too much but I would to request a custom pair of BIG Love running shoes, medal and headband with something motivating on them. So that as soon as I'm able to run again, I will be able to look down at my shoes and be reminded of the strength I had to make it out of these difficult times. And keep on running forward!" The strength, hope and faith of this young man, someone so young, is extraordinary.

What difficulty are you trying to overcome right now? I know personally that I have an extremely long list. Life is hard. It just is. So how do we keep living a full life in the midst of grief, pain, sorrow, and difficulty. We take the advice from this extremely wise young man!

  • We Believe that we will start running again! Hope that tomorrow will be better, that somewhere in the future it will look much be tter than it does today!

  • We Keep moving forward! Taking life one step at a time, perhaps one breath at a time.

  • We Remember all the troubles we have already endured. We can do hard things!

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