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The sustainability of B.I.G. Love Cancer Care is evident not only by the support of the medical and administrative staff, but also by the commitment of our 60 plus volunteers, 27 Board Members and many cancer families. We will make every effort to keep our overhead and operating costs low in order to ensure the best possible care for the children and families we serve. We are committed to maintaining a volunteer driven organization.

All contributions to B.I.G. Love Cancer care are tax-deductible. B.I.G. Love is exempt from Federal income tax as described in section 501(c) (3) of the Internal Revenue Code...

Make a donation to meet these needs:

  • $10 purchases restaurant gift cards
  • $25 purchases a New Diagnosis Bag
  • $50 purchases a Mother’s Day or Father’s Day Gift Bag
  • $75 purchases a Valentine Gift Basket for a child
  • $100 purchases groceries for one cancer family for one month or a parking pass for a family in need.
  • $250 purchases toys for two toy chests at the Cancer Clinic
  • $500 purchases groceries for the entire cancer unit, 36 rooms, for one week.
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Monthly Donations

Monthly Donations are a part of our Annual Calendar Campaign. Click here to find out more about donating monthly.

One Time Donations

If you would like to make a one time donation you may select where you want your donation to be applied and enter any amount.

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You can also donate by Check. Make checks payable to B.I.G. Love Cancer Care and send to 7103 Oak Meadow Dr., Austin, TX 78736.

Sponsorship Donations

Workplace Donations

Check with your employer about matching gifts for employee contributions. Find out if your work place offers grants to charitable organizations. If so, ask if they will allow employees to make recommendations.

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Memorials or In Honor of Donations

You can also make a donation in honor of someone for any occasion. We will happily notify the family of your gift in their honor.

Donate online: Fill out the form below and select "Donate online". You will be directed to our Paypal payment center for your payment information.

Donate by Check: Fill out the form below and select "Donate by check". Make checks payable to B.I.G. Love Cancer Care and send to PO Box 23606,Little Rock, AR 72221.

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